Pure Americana with Walt Wilkins & The Mystiqueros

May 9, 2013

The stage at Dosey Doe was packed last night with a group of musicians who at times rocked the house and at other times gave the listeners chills. Real Life Real Music host Kyle Hutton welcomed back Americana artist Walt Wilkins, this time appearing with his group The Mystiqueros. The full band consisted of six players/singers/songwriters who all joined together to make amazing sound, great harmonies, and powerful messages.


Kyle started the evening by going around the group asking each member what his favorite song was and why. The first one was “Love & A Good Buzz” written by Jimmy Davis along with Liz Rose.  This fun song got the crowd going and in a good mood. The joke of the night began when drummer Ray Rodriguez said his favorite was “It’s Only Rain,” a song also written by Jimmy that they usually play to open shows. Next came the up-beat, funny song Jimmy wrote called “If I Had a Little Truck” that had amazing piano solos. Jimmy said he composed it while waiting for a plumber to arrive at his house. The lyrics and melody were done in 15 minutes, and he used the remaining four hours of wait time to perfect it!


When it was Walt’s turn to share his favorite song, he chose “Someone Somewhere Tonight.” Walt said he has been writing songs for 20 years and that during all that time, he’s had a couple of hits with other artists, but nothing with the big potential this one has – American Idol contestant Kellie Pickler cut the song and it will be the first single off her new album! With its touching lyrics and meaningful message about life’s beginnings and endings, challenges and joys, it seems especially relevant in today’s society.


Kyle then picked up his guitar and joined the band for his favorite Mystiqueros song “Honky Tonk Road,” followed with his version of “What I Dreamed Last Night,” a song that he and Wilkins co-wrote in a Rudy’s Bar BQ parking lot!


The guys went on to play “This Old House” off their latest album “Wildcatpie & The Great Walapateya” which featured some truly amazing accordion played by Bart Dewin, the first and only international Mystiquero from Holland. “House” was written by bass player Bill Small and was originally supposed to be a country music song, but as the group worked on it, it evolved into a more funky/bluesy piece.


The night ended with a few songs from Walt’s “Plenty” album including “Rainin’ All Night” and the band appropriately finished with “Poetry.” As the last chord rang, Walt commented that he is in the best band in all of Texas… much of the audience would agree!