Cory Morrow & “the best crowd ever”!

June 7, 2013

In front of another packed house at Dosey Doe, Real Life Real Music host Kyle Hutton welcomed to the stage Houston native Cory Morrow for his third appearance on the show. Cory is a well-known Texas country musician with a rowdy fan base who showed up and energized the entire listening room. Joined by phenomenal acoustic guitarist John Carroll, who has played with Cory off and on for over 13 years, the guys put on a great show once again.


Cory kicked off the night with a song he wrote on a tour bus about how his career was taking off and he was busy with gigs almost every night called “21 Days.” He then broke into a funny and sarcastic song, “Nashville Blues” which had the audience laughing and clapping along. Things slowed down a bit for “Always and Forever,” a song Cory wrote for a girlfriend who broke up with him, so now he dedicates it to his parents.

Cory is currently working on a new record after taking some time off. He’s had two sons over the past couple years and he said that his outlook on life has shifted from being selfish to selfless. He dug up some old songs he’d started writing but never finished and  now feels like he’s in a more mature place and ready to complete them.


Midway through the evening, Cory asked Kyle to pull out his guitar and together the three musicians jammed out to “Why Is Sunday Morning So Close to Saturday Night” with a particularly great solo by John. Kyle also played one of his new songs co-written with Roger Creager “Stop Acting Like My Mother” that the crowd thought was quite entertaining.


A touching story Cory told that evening was about the day his son was born. He was in the car driving home (to take out the trash!) and heard one of his songs written by Matt Maher “Hold Us Together” that made him cry. He then played “My Baby and Me” off his “Vagrants & Kings” album for Kyle and his wife Tara who just celebrated their twentieth wedding anniversary.


Cory played the hysterical song “Glass Houses” about rumors and people talking behind his back. Cory said the verse “I was stoned the day my feet hit the ground” was the only part of the song that is true – his mother went to a Bob Dylan concert the night before he was born and smoked marijuana for the first time! The next song, “Big City Stripper” was a crowd favorite – everyone sang along and when it was over, Cory said “this is the best responding crowd ever!”


To close out the night, Kyle asked Cory to play “He Carries Me.” Cory wrote this song with his wife and Liz Rose, and RLRM likes it so much we put it on our first compilation CD. It’s a song about how when you run away from what really matters, God picks you up and leads you in the right direction – a great message to send everyone home with.


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