Scholarship Contest for Student Songwriters Experience Camp

April 16, 2013


Watch video then read instructions below!


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To commemorate year four of the RLRM Songwriters Experience Camp we’re giving away scholarships to some very lucky Student Artists! Want to cash in on this $599.00 opportunity to kick your songwriting into hyper-gear? Here’s the deal…


We are looking for the biggest-hearted, creative, convincing videos that tell RLRM why you are the obvious choice for a scholarship to one of our four exciting camps this summer! The video can be up to 60 seconds in length and must tell us the following:

  • Where you are right now in your songwriting journey
  • What you think the RLRM Songwriters Experience will do for your musical future
  • Why should RLRM pick you? Tell us what you plan to do with your music and how it will affect the world!



Your video doesn’t have to be fancy (it can be, but not required). What it must be is:

  • Posted on YouTube
  • Made public on YouTube with the following title and description (cut and paste verbatim). TITLE: RLRM Songwriters Experience Camp/YOUR NAME. VIDEO DESCRIPTION: – Songwriters Experience Summer Camps, WRITE, RECORD & PERFORM with published songwriting mentors in world-class studios and venue!


In addition to the video itself, RLRM will track the social media activity of each Student Artist’s video. The more views = the more points earned! You may send out up to three tweets, Facebook posts, and email blasts daily letting your network know you need their help to be one of our BIG winners! Tweets and posts can look like:


We will begin accepting video entries on April 15, 2013! Deadline for entry is May 15, 2013. Winners will be announced within one week of May 15. The RLRM team will be the panel reviewing videos. All decisions are subjective and final. Good luck. Go get your video on!