The Rise of Randall King

February 10, 2020

Randall King is geared to make an explosion in the country music scene- which has us worried that this might be his first and last appearance on Real Life Real Music!

 It’s no secret that King has experienced a boom in success over the last year, particularly with his big radio hit ‘Mirror, Mirror.’ After releasing his first full-length album in 2018, he’s been fully focused on his music- and it’s paying off. Country fans all over are starting to take notice of his authentic songwriting, classic country sound and most notably- a voice reminiscent of George Strait himself.

Currently, King is constantly touring and selling out dance hall venues across the U.S, so we are truly thankful that he took time out of his busy schedule to spend an evening with us. It made for one special show that his fans will never forget. 

Be sure and check out Randall King on episode 19 of the Real Life Real Music podcast- it’s one you’re not gonna want to miss!