The Music Lives On

April 6, 2020

Here at Real Life Real Music, we focus a lot of our efforts on supporting live music. From our live recorded radio programs, to our video podcasts with live audiences or our songwriting experience camps, everything we do is centered around community and live music. 

When coronavirus really started to hit the U.S. a few weeks back, we instantly knew we had to change our approach for the foreseeable future. With all our live shows on hold, we were forced to the drawing board to come up with new ways to continue to share the music we all love, and keep our organization running in the midst of social distancing.

Inspired by all of the artists that are looking to fight stagnant energy and keep in touch with their fans, we’ve decided to hop on the livestream bandwagon as well. This Sunday, April 12th at 7PM, we’re hosting an “Easter Sunday Songs” themed livestream featuring our host Kyle Hutton, Tracy Byrd, Radney Foster, Bri Bagwell, Cory Morrow, Wade Bowen, Josh Ward and more. We’re looking forward to having all these Texas Red Dirt artists come together (remotely) to share their Easter stories, feelings, wishes and songs. Join us on the Real Life Real Music Facebook page this Sunday night to tune in.

In all the struggle, boredom and darkness, these livestreams are acting as a way to entertain, connect with others and encourage creativity- the essence of what music really is. Thanks to the power of the internet, we’re able to continue sharing music at a safe distance- and we plan to do so for however long we need to, until we can reunite in person once again!

In the meantime, we hope you fill your days with laughter, fun and plenty of music…check out our YouTube channel for hours of video podcast episodes with your favorite Texas country, Americana and Red Dirt artists!