A New Kind of Music With Alex Meixner

April 1, 2020

As Real Life Real Music grows and expands, we’re having more guests on our show that create music outside of the Texas Country, Red Dirt and Americana genres. While our roots lie in that style of music- we want to continue to push ourselves and our audience to explore and discover new music, and hear the stories and perspectives from a variety of different artists. 

Our latest guest, accordion and polka aficionado Alex Meixner, believes that music is a powerful tool to connect, create community and communicate across different cultures. It’s a universal language! Meixner took us on a journey through time and space, playing everything from a traditional waltz to a German-inspired drinking tune (that one went over quite well with our Texas crowd!)

Getting to watch an instrument like the accordion up close and personal isn’t something you get to experience every day- and was a truly first for Real Life Real Music. A big thank you to Alex for joining us, and our amazing audience for making it such a fun evening! If you missed out, no worries. Be sure and check out episode 20 of our video podcast featuring Alex Meixner, out today!