Music Makes a Difference

April 21, 2020

Aside from our songwriter series featuring live shows and interviews with artists, Real Life Real Music’s sister organization, the Real Life Real Music Foundation, supports musical efforts that work to preserve musical history, make a positive impact on society and provide education related to the craft of songwriting. Governed by Steve Said, Kyle Hutton, and Mike Davis, the Foundation has backed multiple musical projects aiming to make a difference in the lives of others.

Preserving music, making music and passing it on, that’s what we do! In efforts to honor musical history, the Foundation prides itself on holding one of the nations’ most extensive collections of song and story recordings throughout our favorite genres- including Folk, Americana, Country, & Red Dirt music. “The RLRM Archives are a treasure trove of important historical and cultural information exploring the many facets of Texas and Americana music” – Dr. Gary Hartman, Director of the Center of Texas Music History.

Of course, making music is our main passion, and the Foundation works to provide funds, backing and resources to musical projects that are aimed to make a positive impact in our community. From the Faith in the Water single to raise funds for hurricane relief to the Foster EP and A Place to Stay Tour for Foster Awareness, we’re always on the lookout for special projects to invest in! In today’s society, musicians are widely looked up to- and they have the power to inspire social change through their songwriting. What better way than a catchy tune to grab the attention of others in a world that’s so polluted with noise.

Each and every year, we host a camp where we pair experienced songwriters with young people in our community, and mentor them on how to express emotion and convey their ideas through the art of songwriting. Not only does this give these kids a healthy outlet to express themselves, but it’s an effort to  “pass the torch” of this art form onto the next generation. Following our passion for the importance of foster care, we extend our songwriter experience to residents of The Settlement Home for Children in Austin, as well as fostered and adopted children through DePelchin Children’s Center in Houston.

We invite you to take a look at our organization’s website to learn more about our endeavors, and the power that music can have on the lives of others.