We’re Back! #RLRMLive with Josh Weathers

July 2, 2020

Josh Weathers took us on a journey on a very special edition of Real Life Real Music Tuesday night. From his teenage days singing “I believe I can fly” in choir class, to belting Whitney Houston at the Kessler in Dallas, Josh Weathers has always sang with passion. We had the amazing opportunity to sit down with Josh and talk about the stories behind those incredible moments, as well as many, many more.

One of the most impressive parts about Josh is his incredible singing voice, but as it turns out, he doesn’t stop at just using it for singing. He has a dedication to speaking out about topics from the children’s home he is helping to build in India, to simply getting groups together right here in Houston to serve the homeless population. And he doesn’t just talk about doing these things, he gets out there and DOES them.

Here at RLRM, one of our largest initiatives is to help the younger generation using the healing, and unifying power of music. Over the course of the night, we had the opportunity to hear a multitude of stories about Josh’s work in India, where he, his wife, and a small team have together built a place called ‘The Hope Home’ for families to take in orphans in the area. They raised money for the orphanage by conducting house concerts, putting on benefits, using Josh’s music to create change.

They do this through an organization called “Love Like You Mean It”, with the mission statement: “We believe love is an action not merely a spoken word. We believe in a form of love that seeks nothing in return. By feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, giving drink to the thirsty and loving the unloved, whether they be in the far reaches of India and Africa or right here on our own home soil of the United States, we are proving that love is alive!”

For Real Life Real Music and Host Kyle Hutton, supporting children who are in a time of need in our number one priority. We believe that music has the power to bring people together in support of the communities that are the most vulnerable. Getting to hear from people like Josh who are out in the front lines for these children is incredibly inspiring!

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