An Evening With Josh Weathers

July 17, 2020

Since March, we’ve battled cancelled and rescheduled shows. After months of waiting, Texas’ live music scene came back for a short window in June, and we were lucky enough to experience a night of #RLRMLive with the one and only Josh Weathers!

Josh gave our audience an unforgettable experience, filled with Texas soul music, powerhouse vocals and an unmistakable passion for what he does. Besides his musical performances, we heard the stories behind his songs, and exclusive insights into some of the biggest moments in his career. 

Weathers also shared the heart behind his organization “Love Like You Mean It,” which works to provide shelter and resources for children in India. For Real Life Real Music and our host Kyle Hutton, supporting children in needs is a topic near and dear to our hearts. Hearing from musicians using their platform to spread the word and make a change is truly inspiring!  

We’re so excited to finally share this special episode of the Real Life Real Music video podcast with the rest of our audience! Find the full episode here up on our Youtube channel and don’t miss out on our next live show. Track our upcoming dates on our website – we hope to see you soon! #RLRM