Scooter Brown Band rocked the house last Tuesday

August 10, 2012

The premise of Real Life Real Music is to get into the head of the songwriter and learn the “why” behind the lyrics. Last Tuesday night, under the guidance of host Kyle Hutton, Scott Brown let us all in and told a few stories – some of which were quite touching, others quite funny, but all of them from his heart.


Sitting up on the Real Life Real Music stage with his glass of red wine, his guitar, and the rest of the Scooter Brown Band, Scott talked about his experiences as a Marine on tour in Iraq and how that has changed his life forever, making him grateful and pushing him to live his life to the fullest. Inspired by songs including the Kyle Hutton/Roger Creager co-write “Feel Again” from Creager’s first CD, Scott picked up a guitar while in the Marine Corps and began his music career.


Highlighted by his hit single “Apology” which made it to #26 on the Texas Music Charts, the Scooter Brown Band delighted the crowd all night. After sharing that they almost never practice, they launched into an extended version of “Huntsville” – a hard rocking song with great guitar riffs that really got the crowd into it, clapping along to the beat, and it seemed as though they must have put in many hours perfecting their performance.


The band sounded great, of course, in the Big Barn of Dosey Doe. One guest questioned whether she was in Houston or Austin because the sound quality and atmosphere rivaled our state’s most famous music city.


Scott and the band played “Texas Kind of Way” with the audience singing along to the chorus, after he told the story of how he co-wrote the tune with Cody Johnson at three o’clock in the morning. After the final touches were done, Scott and Cody flipped a coin to determine who would get to record it – and the rest is Cody’s history.


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