Catching Up With Randall King

January 13, 2020

Randall King is one of those modern country artists that take you right back to the good old days. Like most native Texans, Randall grew up on country music- he particularly looked up to George Strait. Once he began his own journey into music, he discovered that his own singing voice was similar to George’s – which is a compliment he doesn’t take lightly.

King grew up in small-town west Texas, with musical influences from Merle Haggard, Keith Whitley and Strait, just to name a few. For college, he attended Texas Tech where he was introduced to local country acts such as Josh Abbott. After attending their shows, inspiration struck and he decided to begin pursuing music himself. In order to further his knowledge of music, he then transferred schools to South Plains College, where he studied music production.

Around that time, The Randall King Band was formed, who released one Americana album by the title of Old Dirt Road in 2013, before splitting up. Luckily, Randall continued making solo music in the genre of traditional country. 

In 2016, the first solo EP Another Bullet was released. Followed shortly by his self-titled album, Randall King which has been more than well-received. “Mirror, Mirror” and “Burn It At Both Ends” are some of the most notable and well-loved tracks on the album. If you’re a sucker for that classic country sound, Randall’s record is one that you’re sure to be spinning. 

With constant touring and new music coming out, Randall has been on everyone’s radar. Rolling Stone included him on their recent ‘Top 10 New Country Artists List, where they declared he sounded like making it to Amarillo by morning, with stars in your eyes and last night still on your breath.”

Whether you’re already a big fan, or you’re new to Randall, his throwback sound is bound to leave you feeling nostalgic, and have you falling in love with his music. We’re hosting him on Real Life Real Music at Dosey Doe on January 22nd, so this is your perfect chance to see him live! Grab your tickets at