Your Hunger Will Lead You Home

June 1, 2012

“Your Hunger Will Lead You Home.”  The Fire Starter Sessions by Danielle Laporte. 


No one likes to be hungry or empty or have less than they feel they need, and yet that lacking is our leader. Hmmm, follow my hunger… What do I hunger for? I hunger for connection, abundance, peace and authenticity. I long to be inspired and to inspire others. I want to be recognized and heard. I want to make a difference in the world, starting in the lives of those I hold most precious.


Sometimes when I am out and about I move so quickly, trying to accomplish too much, and I forget to eat lunch. By the time realize I’ve forgotten, I am so hungry I will scarf down the nearest thing at lightning speed no matter what it is. And for whatever reason, the unhealthiest things always appear the most delicious to me when I am in that state. Experts agree it is always a better idea to be aware of our body’s signals that tell us when we are hungry and eat before we are completely famished. When we are aware we can make much better choices about what we put into our bodies.  We can choose things that provide nourishment and energy instead of things that fill us quickly, but eventually weaken our immune systems leaving us run down and sick.


Our minds and hearts are no different. We live our lives at a tremendous pace and many never stop and ask themselves if they hunger for more. Paradoxically, it is our desire for more that keeps us so busy, but I believe we have our “mores” confused. We think more money, bigger, better houses and cars will give us more respect and recognition, but many times those things just give us more stress and less time to spend with our families. We think perfection will bring us more love and connection when actually it brings us more anxiety and leaves us more disconnected.


It’s important to take the time notice our hunger. It’s important to look carefully at what we are really longing for, while always asking ourselves what would best satiate the hunger. What really fuels our passions? What really nurtures our hearts? What will really feed the emptiness? Don’t be seduced by all the “junk food” solutions to your heart’s true desires for more. Slow down, listen to your hunger and it will lead you home and you will probably be surprised with how at home you’ll begin to feel!