Throwback to Our Favorite #RLRM Interviews

December 13, 2020

Back in the day, we would interview all our guests from Real Life Real Music, to collect their thoughts and perspective on songwriting, what real music meant to them, and more exclusive content. Today, we’re highlighting some of our top #RLRM interview clips from some of your favorite Texas country artists! 

#1 Randy Rogers On Advice to Young Songwriters

His advice is short and sweet: keep a notebook! “Journal your thoughts and emotions.” Once you get in the habit of writing down your thoughts, you can start turning them into poems- that’s truly what songs are, after all. Learn three chords and you have a song! “Remember what you felt, songs are snapshots of what you went through. Just moments in time.”  

#2 Cas Haley on Real Music

“For me, real music is music that is played with no ambition, for no reason other than to be in that moment enjoying what you’re doing.” He believes music should be played for yourself, and for your soul, rather than trying to appease others. We couldn’t agree more.

#3 Gary Nicholson On Writing With Ringo Starr

Gary tells the story of writing a tribute to the late Beatle George Harrison, which Ringo later released on an album. Nicholson got to play a 12-string acoustic part on the recording, and has since gone on to write several other songs with Starr. “It was an amazing experience. I’ve got a picture of my wife and I from that day, and her eyes are as big as mine are. We couldn’t believe we were there!”

#4 Sean McConnell On Life Experiences

“I’m exploring, I’m learning things. I’m writing about them and hoping I find little bits of hope or answers.” McConnell explains how he lets his life experiences naturally drive his songwriting, in aims that others can relate to his words and emotions. “There is no light without the dark.”
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