The Gift of Music

April 8, 2021

“Music has always been a big part of my life. It’s helped me get through some of the most difficult things I’ve had to face.” – Madison Wright

Teaching the next generation the art of songwriting and the healing power of music is one of our biggest passions. Here at the Real Life Real Music Foundation, we believe that music has the power to pull us through the hardest of times. It also offers a healthy way to express emotion in a beautiful way- through song.

Meet Madison. She has been a repeat participant in our annual songwriting camps, and her story is a unique one. Having moved from Alabama when she was just thirteen, she lives with her Aunt & Uncle here in Texas. “My parents were addicts, and where I was living wasn’t safe anymore.”

Though Madison knew this new place was better for her, she naturally still struggled with change at the start. It was just a few months after moving here that her aunt heard about our songwriting camp, and asked Madison if she had any interest in songwriting. The purpose of these camps is teaching young, aspiring writers how to put their thoughts, feelings and experiences into song. Songwriting turned out to be exactly the tool Madison needed to aid her in working through what she was going through in a healthy, positive way.

“It’s really amazing how doing something like writing a song can help you make sense of some of the most difficult things in life,” she says.

After returning to songwriting camp year after year, music really started to become an integral part of Madison’s life. Over the past few years, she’s begun singing worship at her church, and experiencing the gift of music in a brand new way. “I still get butterflies when I’m about to sing a song, but now I know what it gives to me, and to everyone else when I just let it out.”

Do you know someone that could benefit from the art of songwriting? Keep an eye out for our annual Real Life Real Music Songwriter Camps hosted most every summer in the Woodlands, Texas!