The Birth of Real Life Real Music

February 23, 2012

By: Tara Hutton

The birth of Real Life Real Music was much like the birth of our 3 boys. Frightening, exciting, overwhelmingly exhausting and once you start, there is no turning back.  You may have heard the story about how it all got started, but probably not from my perspective and after all, Real Life Off Stage is just that- Real Life through my eyes.


Real Life Real Music started long before the first live show or radio broadcast.  It started as a dream in Kyle’s mind.  It was born from a love of music, lyrics and the artists who write them.  We all have a desire for understanding, and for Kyle, much of it comes through writing, playing and listening to music.  It is fed by the love Kyle feels from his audience as he connects with them on a level only music can inspire.  I am quite sure this passion was not brought on by my infusion into his life over 20 years ago, it’s been there a very long time.  Kyle’s mom tells stories of a 4-year-old Kyle dancing and putting on musicals with a pot on his head for all who would lend an ear.


Kyle’s love for music grew stronger in college.  He played and wrote often (most likely while he should have been studying) and took his first trips to Nashville.  After college, we married and Kyle pursued a career in the corporate world while continuing his musical quest on the “side”.


Kyle’s love for music, his desire to write and perform, how he relentlessly places himself before others to be praised, judged or criticized, the way he moves forward in spite of rejection- scares me to DEATH.   For the most part, Kyle looks beyond what “is” to what “will be”.  He allows himself to dream.  He practices seeing himself where he is going while I, on the other hand, tend to stay tucked safely away in my illusion of control. I never felt that I had time for “silly” dreams.  I focused my efforts on what I saw as the safe bets, avoiding all risks.  To put myself out on a limb and possibly fail was a gamble I wasn’t willing to take and my fears relentlessly fought his dreams for over a decade.


In 2003, Kyle decided he was too tired to juggle the spinning plates, as he terms it, any longer.  We were expecting our 3rd son and the realization that he wasn’t getting any younger nor more proficient at juggling became very clear, to him at least.  For me, it took another year and some serious soul searching.


With God’s help and some really compassionate and insightful angels, Kyle and I were able to let go of what seemed to be a secure thing and grab for what at the time was nothing more than a deep desire to somehow live a more purposeful life.


We jumped from the cliff that we thought was safe into an ocean that seemed dark and scary, yet intriguing and exciting.  For a while we panicked (and still do sometimes) pushing each other under in order to stay afloat, but we are more alive than before.  It was about 3 more years until Real Life Real Music really materialized, but it was conceived from surrender.  Surrender to a dream.  Choosing passion over fear.


Although I am learning to live more adventurously, Kyle is still my leader in the art of joyful, passionate living and he inspires me to live my dreams without my habitual fears of looking silly or feeling stupid stop me and for that I am very thankful.