Music that should NEVER play…

May 18, 2012

I can so easily find myself in a cycle of frustration, replaying thoughts in my head that continue to reinforce old patterns of self-sabotage.  Sometimes they’ve been playing for days before I recognize their dull melody. It’s vital that I listen for the music that plays in my head.  It’s important that I am aware of the lyrics that I sing to myself. Those are the most powerful of words. They have the ability to change my thinking, which in turn changes my behavior.


I need people in my life who REALLY know who I am. People who know when I am honoring myself and who know when I need to change the music and are not afraid to tell me. I have those people and I am always grateful when they LOVE me enough to be honest. Here’s a guy who needed someone to help him change the song he played for years and look what happened when he did.


Never, Ever Give Up