Matt Hillyer & Grievous Angels – Another great show

September 21, 2012

Another Tuesday evening at Dosey Doe and the Real Life Real Music show was on stage again. Host Kyle Hutton invited Matt Hillyer from Eleven Hundred Springs to join him and share stories of growing up in Dallas and working in the music business. Matt, who appeared to be a humble man, expressed his pride in always being accessible to his fans throughout his music career. He even went as far as describing his fan base as his extended family and talked about how he really wouldn’t be anywhere without them.


Matt opened the show with his hit song “Hard Work Just Ain’t Working Anymore” and Kyle commented that it had a “true country music hook.” He followed that up with the title track of one of Eleven Hundred Springs’ albums “This Crazy Life.”


Matt and Kyle talked about the influence music from the 50’s and 60’s had on their songwriting and shared stories of growing up listening to their parent’s favorites, including Buddy Holly. Matt wrote the song “This Ain’t the First Time (But It’s the Worst Time)” as a result of those influences and it got lots of airtime on the Texas radio stations, even reaching number one on the Texas Country Music Charts.


A sentimental point of the show was when Matt talked about how much he appreciates our military and two of his fans who both served in Afghanistan. He wanted to write a song about it but not having had the personal experience, wrote to those fans and asked them to describe a typical day so he could ensure authenticity. The end result was a very touching song called simply “Afghanistan.”


Matt then shared a brand new song he had just written called “Crying Time” and then closed the show along with the opening act, The Grievous Angels, joining him in harmony on the chorus of a cover an Emmylou Harris hit.


Another Tuesday evening and another great Real Life Real Music show at Dosey Doe. For more information, visit