Making Music History

May 7, 2021

We dive into a lot of different aspects of music here at Real Life Real Music. Though our main focus with the live series is giving musicians a platform to share the heart and soul behind their music, there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes as well!

The Real Life Real Music Foundation is another big part of our work. Through it, we use music as a way to do a whole lot of good… whether that be through hosting songwriting camps, funding musical projects that support positive social change, or preserving music.

That’s what we want to talk about today… the importance of preserving music! Did you know that we hold over 250 unique interviews and recordings as a part of our preservation effort? Each and every Real Life Real Music show and interview we host has been added to our archive. In fact, it’s one of the nation’s most extensive collections of story/song recordings within the genres of Folk, Americana, Country, Texas Country, & Red Dirt music! 

We’re proud to hold the RLRM musical archive, which is one of the nation’s largest music collections of Red Dirt, Americana and Country music. “The [RLRM Archives] are a treasure trove of important historical and cultural information exploring the many facets of Texas and Americana music.” – Dr. Gary Hartman, Director at the Center of Texas Music History.

But why is musical preservation so important? These days, music is changing so fast. Songs become a hit for a week, only to be replaced soon after. Here, we want to celebrate the art behind music. Our goal is to highlight the craft of songwriting, and document the emotions and experiences behind each and every song, from the mouth of the artist themselves.  And if you’ve ever been to a Real Life Real Music Live show, you know that we get to experience a lot of special moments in the midst of these stripped-down performances. By recording them, we’re capturing a piece of music history that we believe should be experienced for generations to come. We archive these songs, giving this music a chance to live on in the way it deserves to.

Want to peek into our collection? Visit our Youtube channel, over at RealLifeRealMusic1. There, you’ll find some of our video podcast episodes featuring some incredible artists from a variety of genres. This is just dipping your toe into our extensive collection!

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