Homegrown artist Kathryn Hallberg kicks off Season 12

February 14, 2013

Season 12 of Real Life Real Music boasts what is arguably the most noteworthy lineup since its beginning in March 2007. Kicking things off last Tuesday was Real Life homegrown artist Kathryn Hallberg. With her calm, quiet demeanor and super-sweet personality, Kathryn really connected with the audience at Dosey Doe. After all, they had already been “warmed up” by three lovely student songwriters, Mason Reinke, Kenna Danielle, and Abby Hirvela, whose raw talent was plain for even the untrained ear.


The background story to Kathryn Hallberg’s relationship with Real Life Real Music starts about four years ago when she met RLRM host Kyle Hutton after performing at an open mic when she was just 14 years old. Hutton saw the spark in her and she quickly plugged into Real Life Real Music’s student songwriter programs. Hutton produced her first two EP recordings, and booked events including opening slots for radio tapings and the RLRM Festival. Kathryn, now 18, is riding high after the release of her Hutton-produced EP “Nocturnal” mixed by Niko Bolas, who’s worked with the likes of Neil Young and Melissa Ethridge.


Kathryn opened the show with a rousing rendition of her single “Get A Room” that she co-wrote with friend and fellow songwriter Leslie Krafka. The blues song about a vanity stricken man entertained and had people clapping along. She then showed off the smooth side of her voice on ballads like “Move On,” “Bide My Time” and “Sailor” – the last being a tribute to a good friend who died of cancer.


Kathryn performed her hit “Head in the Clouds” and explained that this protest song stemmed from being upset with a school teacher’s policy. She and Kyle then broke into Kyle’s “Shakespeare,” an upbeat and energetic song about “a whole lotta drama!”


Kathryn’s notable musical influences include Cheryl Crow, Nelly Furtado and Madonna. I have a feeling Kathryn is going to give these super-stars a run for their money in the future, as Kathryn is on the cusp of greatness – how could someone who didn’t miss a note all night long not be?


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