Introducing Real Life: Off Stage

January 21, 2012

Real Life: Off Stage is my take on this crazy journey that Kyle and I call Real Life Real Music.  My muse, although rarely expressed from the stage, is always being written and always being sung.  It’s a melody of marriage, family, hectic schedules, and 3 growing boys.  It is rarely delivered on key or performed with adequate rehearsal, but it is always authentic, raw and emotional.  It can be angry, sad, crazy, loud, busy, exhausting, often overwhelming.  At times it’s embarrassing.  It cries, screams, kicks, hollers, and sometimes curses.  It is also rewarding, challenging, breathtaking, beautiful, joyful, exciting, and so much more.  It’s our lives. It’s our lives as we are learning to fully live them, to embrace, accept and love.  As authentically as possibly, I want to share it with you.  Sharing helps me see, accept and learn from it all.  I want to laugh, love, and relax more as I am tossed around in the ebbs and flows of my life’s tides.  BUT, I don’t want to hang on tightly.  I want to let go.  I want to fill my lungs with salt air and feel the sun shining down on my face as I lay back and allow the salt water to lift me up.  I want to take a deep breath and enjoy the adventure.  Hope you’ll join me for the ride!


– Tara Hutton