How to Become a Better Songwriter

August 12, 2020

Many music lovers venture into songwriting at one time or another. But, whether you’re a seasoned pro, a newbie or occasionally write for fun, you can always work to hone your craft. There are always new tips and methods to try out, to get better and expand your writing style. Today, we’re sharing a few of our tried and true favorites…


No matter how long you’ve been writing, practice is important. If you’re a new writer, don’t get discouraged. Keep trying- it may take you awhile to write a song you’re happy with. Make a goal, and commit to practicing regularly, whether that be twice a week or once a day. 

Having accountability is always important when working to achieve a goal. Find other songwriters and co-create. Writing songs with others stretches your creativity and forces you to step outside your comfort zone. You may even consider creating a writer’s club, along with weekly prompts to challenge your efforts! 

Revisit your old songs

If you have a collection of older songs that remain unfinished or you’re just not happy with, try going back to rewrite them. When it comes to songwriting, some days may be better than others. Try and think of new ways to express old feelings, or experiment with taking the song in a different direction. This is a great exercise for just about anyone to do! 

Don’t overthink it

The songwriting process isn’t always predictable. Sometimes, you’ll start with one idea and end up with a completely different song. This is how many of the greatest songs are made! Let the creativity flow, and don’t limit yourself in the process. When writing a song, try and jot down notes for all ideas that come to you- you never know which direction the song can take you! 

Ask for feedback

One of the hardest parts of being a songwriter is the sheer vulnerability of the craft. It can be difficult to ask for feedback on something so personal, yet opinion-driven. Start by sharing your songs with your closest friends and family- those you trust to give you honest, constructive feedback. This is crucial for growing and evolving as a songwriter!

We hope you found a few ideas to help you out along your songwriting journey, and inspired some of you to try out the craft for yourself! Songwriting is a great way to express yourself, and can be a therapeutic exercise that many of us could benefit from. Happy songwriting!