Dinner and a Show: Reimagining the Concert Experience

September 4, 2020

What makes the intimate Real Life Real Music live experience of dinner and a show different from a regular concert?

Here at Real Life Real Music, we appreciate music and songwriting for the art that it is. More than anything, our goal is to uncover the meaning behind the songs, and to do that we have to have the right environment to truly listen to them- the lyrics, the emotion. At the average concert, the sound is typically loud and distorted, while the audience sings along. While there’s nothing wrong with that and we’re all for having fun, the purpose of our intimate show setting allows our listeners to truly connect their favorite artists in a way they wouldn’t otherwise be able to.

When you attend #RLRMLive, you get to experience the historic Dosey Doe listening barn for all that it is- one of the best listening rooms in the country. “Originally built as a tobacco barn in Kentucky, 300-600 year old oak and birch beams act as the foundation not only for a beautiful room, but for great acoustics. It is a place where memories are made.” 

When you step into the 165 year old barn, you’re greeted with southern hospitality and great service. Sit down at your reserved seat and take your pick from their menu of classic Texas dishes. When the show starts, you never even have to get up! Every seat in the house is a prime spot for acoustics. All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the show. 

In such an intimate setting, we’re blessed to experience these audiences in a unique way, by hearing their stories and experiences. As we are an interview style show, our goal is that you walk away knowing more about that artist than you ever have before!

We’d love to have you join us at our next show! Check our website and facebook for upcoming show dates, we’re always adding more artists to the books! https://realliferealmusic.com/live-dosey-doe/