Carter’s Shoes – A reflection on Student Songwriter Experience Camp

July 13, 2012

Our youngest son, Carter, who just turned 9, joined us this summer as the youngest ever student artist in our Songwriter’s Experience Camp. And of course, as would be expected, he brought his own distinct humor and insight to the group that shone brightly through his song. Carter’s performance had the crowd cheering and laughing and parents obviously related to what seems to be a fairly common footwear phenomenon among young children.  Just watch this…


It is funny in hindsight, but I’m not smiling when I think back to how I’ve sometimes responded to his childlike forgetfulness. It leaves me wondering what these barefoot arrivals may be trying to teach me…


One thing I am definitely learning on this parenting journey is that my children have as much, if not more, to teach me, than I do them. And it seems that my willingness to be taught might just be the key to growing us all up.


So – here’s the lesson I’ve learned from my shoeless 9 year old professor… The reason for no shoes on the feet??? In that very moment, they don’t need them. There’s not shattered glass or nails on the garage floor between them and the car. And children do not live in the past, so they’re not thinking of what happened last time they forgot their shoes. They also don’t live in the future, worried about the hot pavement or what others will think of their dirty feet.  They live in the NOW.  And when the “now” demands shoes, they magically find some or come up with some other creative solution!!!


I think I’d like to see more of my toes… Not because I love my feet. I’d just like to be so swept away by the present moment at times that I find myself unable to think into the future. I’d like to spend more time experiencing what is, rather than time worrying about what should be or what might be. I think Carter has a lot to teach me and it may require a little more time barefootin’!