Aaron Watson Shines

September 17, 2013

Tuesday night at Dosey Doe Big Barn was an incredible ride with Aaron Watson as he captivated the audience for a full two hour show.  Watson’s performance re-emphasized why the Real Life Real Music Songwriter Series exists.  He took every opportunity to speak openly with the crowd about his faith, family, and music.  Those in attendance were truly blessed and rewarded with intimate details from the 12 songs he shared including the hit “Reckless”…




And then there was this…




Please enjoy the pre-show interviews from Waston on what Real Life Real Music means to him



Without a doubt, Watson laid it all out for the Dosey Doe crowd.  He left very little to chance when explaining the trials and tribulations of his musical journey, repeating thoughts laid out in the pre-show taping…



Great lead-in about the song “July in Cheyenne” as Aaron sets it up with conversations he had with the mother of Lane Frost. 




Aaron pulls no punches when it comes to his faith and spirituality.  He shares how the music scene and his personal walk go hand in hand. 



Those who attended  truly benefited from the personal interaction with Aaron Tuesday.  He, along with the audience, explored every emotion during the two-hour event.  Great musicians, great songs, and our amazing fans made it a very special night.  Thanks to those who allow us to experience the Real Life of our artists.  Aaron Watson used the Real Life Real Music platform to shine and we all left Dosey Doe a little better off because he did.