A Tribute to Sequestered Songwriters

May 18, 2020

Currently, the livestreams are plentiful! In fact, it can be hard to choose which ones to tune into, there are so many! In the midst of quarantine, the Sequestered Songwriters Facebook page was created to act as your one stop shop for catching all your favorite Texas country artists’ live streams!

Every Monday, the Sequestered Songwriters page hosts an evening of live streaming- or a “virtual guitar pull,” featuring a diverse group of your favorite musicians paying tribute to a different artist each and every week. The show is in the style of a song swap – each artist plays one song and passes it on to the next via separate streams- refreshing the Facebook page is important! 

The group has paid tribute to some legendary musicians such as John Prine, Willie Nelson, George Strait, Dolly Parton, and Don Williams. Tonight, Monday May 18th, catch the tribute to Roger Miller starting at 6pm CDT. As for the featured songwriters, the list is star studded with some of your favorites such as Jamie Lin Wilson, Walt Wilkins, Heather and Max Stalling, Drew Kennedy, Courtney Patton, Cody Canada, Josh Abbott, Mike Harmeier and Wade Bowen… the list goes on. 

Since beginning Real Life Real Music over 13 years ago, we’ve had the honor of having many, if not all of these talented songwriters join us on our show live at Dosey Doe. As we currently can’t support musicians in person, catch them on Facebook live, show your support and kick back and relax while listening to some of the best Texas country music around. As for us here at RLRM, we’re eagerly awaiting the day where we can return to the stage and sit back down with these artists live and in person. Until then… enjoy. 

Check out the Sequestered Songwriters Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Sequestered-Songwriters-100557591625136/