A Can’t Miss Experience for Songwriters

June 4, 2021

We believe that music has the power to change lives for the better. We believe it has the power to encourage, inspire and heal. We also believe that the simple act of teaching a child to write a song can cause positive ripple effects throughout their entire life… Yes, we believe in music that much! 

And so, a few years back we started our annual summer camp series for ages 10-18, called the Songwriter’s Experience camp. In this camp, we join forces with local mentors to teach these kids how to WRITE, RECORD and eventually PERFORM their very own song at the home of Real Life Real Music- the Dosey Doe Big Barn. This year’s mentors include singer songwriter and host of Real Life Real Music, Kyle Hutton, Texas artist Jamie Lin Wilson, and Shellee Coley, as well as legendary guitar player Marcus Eldridge!

Through our camp, these kids will have the opportunity to write under the direction of published songwriting mentors, record in professional recording studios and perform where Grammy Award winners play! So many of our kids have come back year after year, and it’s incredible to see them change and improve over time. Many of our students have even gone on to pursue music full time, releasing singles, albums and music videos. We even had one student compete on The Voice! 

For aspiring songwriters, this experience is one they will not soon forget. Having the opportunity to share and create music with accomplished writers and like-minded peers will give students confidence that they will carry through them in the rest of their musical endeavors, and into all other areas of their life. 

If your child is interested in pursuing music, either professionally or as a hobby, the Songwriter’s Experience camp is a can’t miss opportunity!