3 Texas Country Songs that Embody 2020

November 27, 2020

Though 2020 was a particularly hard year for musicians, all the downtime and struggle brought an on-slaught of inspiring tunes. Here are some of our favorite Texas country songs that truly embody all the different sides of the last year…


“Takin’ It As It Comes” – Randall King

“Takin’ it as it comes, learnin’ as I go

Can’t hold on to somethin’ that’s outta my control

Gonna let the day roll, roll into another one

I’m takin’ it as it comes”

Most of us can relate to those lyrics in one way or another! Sometimes, all we can do is roll with the punches and hope for the best. Insightful lyrics combined with the classic country sound that King is famous for, this is certainly a 2020 anthem if we ever heard one.


“The Luckiest” – Josh Abbott Band

“I’m lucky that I come from where I come from

And I’m lucky I got friends that got my back

I’m lucky God made Friday nights with cold beer

And that I’ve had all the good times that I’ve had

And I’m lucky King George still makes country records

And I’m lucky for the miles on my boots

I can’t believe the life that I’ve been given

Yeah, I’m lucky, I know it’s true

But I feel the luckiest to be loved by you”

Written about his family and loved ones, this song is a great reminder to all of us to stop and appreciate the little things. Though things may be hard at times, we’re truly lucky to be where we’re at, and with the people we love.


“Welcome to Hard Times” – Charley Crockett

“Life’s a casino, I’m tellin’ you

And everybody’s playin’ – boys and girls

Women, children, me, and you

The dice are loaded and everything’s fixed

Even a hobo would tell you this”

In true Charley Crockett fashion, this song characterizes 2020 perfectly, and writes a new story. Though the approach is more blunt, we enjoy the song just the same. Yes, times are hard! But that’s okay, we all just had to ride out the wave. And hey, we got these great songs out of it!